Смотреть Biggest Movie Mistakes You Missed

It's hard to believe these big budget movies like Star Wars & Batman Begins let mistakes like these slip through the cracks...
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Blockbuster films may be billion-dollar affairs these days, but no matter how big the action and spectacle may get, mistakes are bound to happen. Studios may do their very best to keep those flaws from making the final cut (or erase them entirely in post-production, or re-releases) but luckily for movie buffs, some incredible slip-ups still slip through the cracks.

In our experience, we’ve encountered errors or flaws that either aren’t mentioned enough, or simply defy explanation. The filmmakers may have thought their finished film was devoid of all but the most minor flaws, but the following entries show that fans have an eye for detail even some directors lack.

The Last Samurai | 0:28
Jurassic Park | 1:02
Quantum of Solace | 1:44
Gladiator | 3:04
Transformers: Age of Extinction | 3:43
The Dark Knight Rises | 4:27
Batman Begins | 5:08
Star Wars | 5:57

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